Raleigh bicycles are protected with a warranty against material and manufacturing defects. 

RALEIGH rigid frame and rigid 5 years

provided the bicycle has been properly maintained and used, and has not been fitted with parts other than industry recognised and compatible spare parts. The warranty does not cover normal wear and tear, alteration, misuse, neglect, improper maintenance, commercial use (eg, rentals), or accidental damage.

MOUNTAIN BIKE bicycles are designed for normal 'off-road' riding. Activities such as 'wheelies', stunt riding and jumping constitute misuse and will invalidate this warranty.


As a parent / guardian, you are responsible for making sure that: 

 • the bicycle is properly fitted to the child; it is in good repair and safe operating condition.

 • the child has learned and understands the safe operation of the bicycle, laws related to cycling, as well as common sense rules for safe and responsible cycling.

 • the child wears an approved bike helmet but also ensure the child understands that the helmet is designed for cycling and not to be used for other activities.


When you ride, be sure to follow the local cycling laws and remember:

1. 'Ride Safe' - use a cycling helmet and other protective equipment as required.

2. 'Ride Bright' - wear light-coloured clothing and reflective strips so others can see you.

Under these terms, the Raleigh representative will bear the cost of replacement. Due to Raleigh's policy of continual improvement, replacement parts may differ from the original. Forward all claims to the retail outlet where purchase was made, or directly.